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No one is more excited about Batgirl’s new costume than Kara.

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the chronicles of nat and cat

Everyone has to have someone.  And people kill black cats on Halloween.

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Are you coming to San Diego Comic Con this week? FYeahCopyright will be there - and if you’re interested in the intersection of fandom and legal issues as a fan, creator or both, here’s some panels we think you’ll be interested in. Don’t forget to use the SCHED website or app to “rsvp” so the panel organizers and SDCC can have an idea of how many people are interested in each topic!

If you have any additional recs about panels on legal topics or organized by fandomers, please let us know via an Ask, or reblog this post with the info added in and we’ll share the updated version, too. 

We hope to see  you at SDCC, and if you find either heidi8 or untitledbychoice, ask us for a FIC pen or a badge ribbon - we’ll have both! You can also find Heidi (and the pens, and copies of FIC: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World (edited by annejamison)) at the smartpopbooks booth (#4300) on Saturday morning from 10 til 11. 


Comic Book Law School 202: Moving Forward: Marketing, Monetizing, and More! with a focus on contracts, license agreements and IP law. 10:30 AM in 30CDE

Teen Wolf Fanworks Discussion with daunt (artist), febricant (Not As Described), magneticwave (we knew every line), rashaka (The Next Level Is Real),the_deep_magic (Pack Up; Don’t Stray), and  zjofierose  (Holding Your Own Weight11 AM in 29A

How Media and Marketers Are Harnessing the Might of the Superfan with publisher Filip Sablik (boomstudios), journalist Heidi MacDonald (The Beat,Publishers Weekly), entertainment marketer Jeff Dellinger (Hero Complex), author Rob Salkowitz (Comic Con and the Business of Pop Culture), comics retailer Joe Field (Flying Colors Comics) media strategist Kris Longo (Geek Riot Media), and Ed Catto (Bonfire Agency) 4 PM in 25ABC

Creativity Is Magic: Transmedia and Transformative Works with  theorlandojones​ (Sleepy Hollow), flourish Klink (chief participation officer at The Alchemists), Professor Henry Jenkins (provost professor of communication, journalism, and cinematic arts, USC), Aron Levitz (wattpad) and Heidi Tandy of fyeahcopyright. 7:30 in 25AB


CBLDF: Tales from the Code-True Stories of Censorship. The cbldf (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund) “gathers Denny O’NeilPaul Levitz, and other top storytellers who worked under the Code’s strictures to tell the tales of how its censorship touched their creative visions.” 12:00 Noon in 30CDE

Fans, Love, and the Law with DeviantArt and Organization for Transformative Works with Josh Wattles of deviantart and Betsy Rosenblatt and Heidi Tandy of the legal committee at transformativeworks. 3:30 in Room 2

Legit Fanfic: How Fan-Made Content Is Good for Audiences, Filmmakers, and Hollywood with Alex LeMay (Resignation Superhero, BZRK), berniesu (lizziebennetdiaries, Welcome to Sanditon), and Josh Caldwell (Resignation Superhero, Anthony Zuiker’s: Cybergedon), Jay Bushman (Lizzie Bennett DiariesResignation), brand mangager and transmedia producer Laura Hoefs (Twilight), Jeremy Azevedo (Sr. director of original programming at machinima) and moderator  Gayle Bass (Right This Minute). 8:30 26ABC 


DeviantArt’s shipping panel, “Building Your Fandom Armada" with Kay Purcell (damphyr) and Aun-Juli Riddle (aunjuli). 12:30 PM in Room 2

Fantastic Fans and Where to Find Them: The Annual Harry Potter Fan Panel, moderated by heidi8, with Kazu Kibuishi (Harry Potter 15th Anniversary Edition cover illustrator), Dylan Saunders (Team StarKid), Lauren Bird (HP Alliance), Madhuri Shekar (In Love and Warcraft), markdoesstuff ( and Sunny Williams (Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise). 4:15 in 6DE

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Still pretty proud of my response to this.

Seriously they know exactly what they’re doing by making him black now. Hitler’s dead, it’s time for Marvel to stick their middle finger in someone else’s face and guess what racist "anti diversity for diversity’s sake" douchebags , it’s you. 

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After laying around for months, I finally got around finishing it. Half assed but finished.

Witnesses by ~WarriorrrQueen

Far from half assed. In fact, superb capture.

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Ask me anything

why isn't it a problem when m.i.a raps? why is it ok to have chicano rap/asian rap/ etc? But as soon as white people try it you all lose your shit?


That’s so cute and simplistic. Did you work on this question all week or…? No one cares when white people try to rap. We care when they don’t represent their authentic selves or are plain untalented. We don’t care that Eminem is white. He’s not out her performing sonic blackface, despite being from the Detroit Metro Area. Yelawolf sounds like a southern rapper because… he’s a southern rapper. Homeboy is from Alabama. His voice is his. Hell, we didn’t even care about Bubba Sparxxx. Homeboy is from Georgia. Plus, Ms. New Booty is still a bop, so.. *shrugs*

Iggy literally sounds like something out of Malibu’s Most Wanted. Protip: that movie was not a documentary. This sheila is claiming she’s in the “murda bidness”. Homegirl grew up in Mulllumbimby, New South Wales, on a fucking farm. What the fuck was she murdering? Chickens? The hopes and dreams of her parents? What? You tell me. But she is flagrantly being dishonest and unauthentic. She sounds like all the mediocre parts of some of the premiere lady rappers throughout the years. She ain’t as cool in her delivery as Da Brat. She ain’t as raw and bold as Foxy or Trina. She ain’t as cute or skilled as Charli Baltimore. Iggy is what happens when generally mediocre white girls think they deserve to win and people who don’t know better let them. 

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